Architects, a good glass furnishings project.

A glass furnishings project by Vetroin: technological, avant-garde, made to measure, personalizable.

Vetroin is a big leading company in Europe for the production of avant-garde office furnishings. We're talking about extremely particular and special glass furnishings projects, technological and modern...unique even. Architects, surveyors, internal decorators...if you want to amaze your commissioners get a glass furnishings project prepared by Vetroin and success will be guaranteed.
All our jobs are produced ad-hoc following your needs and environmental possibilities, therefore everything is personalizable 100%. A glass furnishings project by Vetroin includes: partitions, equipped panels, glass doors (sliding too), parapets, stairs, railings...possibile techniques are with laser, printing and inserting of fabrics or other materials.
Another strong point of this glass furnishing project could be technology. In fact we propose some truly special solutions such as interactive glass, with touch screen film which allows you to you use a glass partition as a computer; LCD glass that becomes opaque at the click of a button; glass with laser to personalize and decorate doors and walls.
What do you think? Could this be the glass furnishings project you've been looking for to create that important office? Contact Vetroin for an estimate with no obligations and free of charge.

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