Anti-seismic partition walls: they would have resisted Amatrice's shock

Anti-seismic partition walls: Inwall withstands high-intensity shocks without undergoing any structural damage

The National Council of Engineers has brought to light a very impressive fact: over 21.5 million people live in areas of the country exposed to VERY or QUITE high earthquake risk (meaning the areas considered 1 and 2); another 19 million instead reside in municipalities in area 3. If it is true that an earthquake can neither be foreseen nor avoided, it is necessary to invest resources with regard to the earthquake-proof structures of the buildings, to contain the damage and above all protect people's lives as much as possible.

VetroIN is a large company that deals with the design and construction of glass furniture for offices and in recent years has invested resources and time just to find valid solutions in response to the problem, so INWALL is born, the tenth collection of anti-seismic partition walls of the company, presented for the tenth year of activity.
Did you know that these anti-seismic partition walls would have held even the Amatrice shock of 2016, the one that caused the total destruction of many villages in central Italy and hundreds of dead and injured? Well yes, from the tests carried out at the Federico II University on a vibrating table, it emerged that the INWALL partition walls would not have suffered any damage to that entity of shock. We can affirm it, a real revolution.
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