Anti-seismic glass walls: truly innovative solutions

Anti-seismic glass walls to limit the damage caused by earth's movements

In recent years we have been particularly sensitive to the topic of "anti-seismic security", also seen the recent disastrous events that have cost the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people. Those who work in the construction and furnishing world cannot ignore the research and the study of ever-innovative solutions to limit the damage of the earth's movements, never predictable and always dangerous.
VetroIN, a leading company in the office furnishing sector, has invested a lot of resources and time in research of optimizations that will ensure a certain level of security for customers. So the anti-seismic glass walls of the INWALL collection were born, with many patent pending. Perhaps many of you think that the glass is a fragile material, delicate, slightly robust ... but they are wrong, very wrong. Treated in the right way glass can become extremely durable, creating truly exclusive and more than ever safe furnishings.
The anti-seismic glass walls VetroIN are perfect from many points of view: safety and attenuation of earth's oscillations; aesthetic beauty, elegance and refinement; functionality and technology; maximum customization. What more could you ask?
To know all the details of the anti-seismic glass walls VetroIN, please contact one of our employees without obligation.

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