A very functional office furniture design

A strong point of Vetroin is the concept and realization of the office furniture design

Don't think of using cabinets and bookcases in your new furniture design for the offices of your company because Vetroin, a leader in the field, has designed some comfortable wall units which play both the role of partitions for different environments and a cabinet or a bookcase.
Our staff will be happy to prepare together with you the design of office furniture for your company that will renew the image completely. This project will surely include our equipped walls, particular modules the internal structure of which is self-supporting of aluminum color, scratch-resistant and provided with adjustable feet that allow a perfect height adjustment up to 25 mm maintaining the highest safety thanks to special hooks.
The design of office furniture is fully functional with our wall units that also allow you move them, if necessary, because they are completely mobile.
At the planning stage you can also choose the surfaces of the doors: opaque, blind, glassy or transparent.
Blind surfaces are made of wood, plastic or natural wood. It's also possible to provide printing and painting.
These glass doors are subject to different treatments such as sandblasting or painting. Don't wait any more; prepare your office furniture design for your company with the staff of Vetroin and soon you will have your new equipped partition walls.

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