A space-saving idea of sliding doors

Give a new look to your office with sliding doors. Save valuable space thanks to sliding doors

In all cases where space is of vital importance, it is essential to save it both in office and in home settings. Have you ever thought of doing it with sliding doors?
These elements are a very comfortable, modern and innovative means to recover space traditionally taken by the radius of other doors opening.
You will have you settings more free and comfortable. Sliding doors are available in two different types: the so-called outer wall or concealed. The first type provides for the opening along the wall thanks to a sliding rail, while in the second case we find the integration of the opening system inside the building wall itself. These sliding doors have a special box that slides the door, disappear and save space.
You can decide to put these solutions into the house, but also in the office because the sliding doors are also applicable to brick or plasterboard walls.
Moreover, the evolution of frames allows you choosing the product that fits your requirements. You can decide to choose wall systems, curved ones or those that allow you hang accessories, furniture Visit the website of Vetroin that has been always dealing with the production of components for glass office furniture. Discover its sliding doors and get ready to furnish your workplace with style, practicality and versatility.

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