A new system of laser engraving on glass

Only Vetroin will offer you sliding doors and walls with laser engraving on glass visible only when illuminated

The classic signs, indoor signage and other similar structures are definitely losing market to give way to new ideas, new technologies.
With this boost to research our company, Vetroin, has come to produce several innovative elements that make elegant and functional office glass furniture.
In particular, thanks to laser engraving on glass it's possible to create imaginative and fascinating play of light illuminating just one of these engraved sheets with a suitable light.
Thanks to our method of laser engraving on glass you will get virtually transparent sheets when not illuminated, which can be used as partition walls, railings, sliding doors and much more. Laser engraving on glass can bring your logo, company name, or what you have included in your project, simply by turning a special light, will seem self-illuminating.
The use of this laser engraving on glass by Vetroin is really a bright idea that combines elegance and innovation.
Our staff will process the entire decor project, foreseeing text or design will be made with laser engraving on glass and in what points of the offices include them.
Once the design is complete you will soon pass to the realization and shortly for the installation.
You will have more elegant and trendy new offices, thanks to our system of laser engraving on glass.

Laser engraving on glass plate
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