A glass partition for a prestigious furnishing design.

Why choose a glass partition panel? Here are all the techniques and personalizing proposals.

Vetroin is a large company that deals with office furnishings of great prestige and elegance, made to measure projects, personalized 100%, rigorously Made in Italy. The main material used for our furnishings is glass, a material that is extremely refined, versatile, transparent and precious, with which we can carry out particular techniques.
The glass partition is one of the furnishing elements that we propose. Eliminating traditional walls and divisions we can increase spaces, make them seem larger even if the space available is limited, making everything much more modern and chic. The glass partition also allow natural sunlight to pass form one room to another, creating interesting light and colour effects.
We then add the personalization and techniques by Vetroin to the glass partition: printing, insertion of LCD film to make the glass opaque with a simple switch, laser incision, lighting with coloured LED and much more. We can produce everything that you imagine.
To get an idea of the glass partition and not only, also the final effect of a glass furnishings design project by Vetroin, browse through our website at the page dedicated to "realizzazioni" (productions) and you'll find many images of our most recent productions.

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