Vetroin dividing glass walls

[27 Jun 2011]

The eye wants its part in everything, even in the workplace. Usually, modern and original ideas such a replacement of walls with glass dividing are rewarded. The settings will immediately seem more [...]

The laser engraving glass sheets

[20 Jun 2011]

To update continually the technology and offer new products it’s essential for every company. That's why Vetroin offers you last generation products, creative and modern. Its latest offer is [...]

Interior glass doors

[13 Jun 2011]

Vetroin creates various glass products for offices: doors, walls, sheets with LCD film, glassworks with laser engraving, stairs, hanging wall containers etc. Vetroin is a furniture producer of [...]

Laser engraving on glass

[06 Jun 2011]

Vetroin, a company from the Brescia Region, specializing in manufacture of glass office furniture. Walls, sliding doors, stairs, variously personalized sheets – fine work with glass is no [...]

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