Glass and technology for the production of office furniture

[30 May 2011]

Vetroin is a big company specializing in the production of office furnishing that uses glass as the main element. That's right, glass, transparent and clear, guarantees elegance at a [...]

The elegance for your office with sliding doors

[23 May 2011]

Do you need to renew your office or your company? The first impression is very important, you shouldn’t make a mistake! That’s why choose Vetroin, the leading company in the production of [...]

A glass door in many different models

[16 May 2011]

To impress your customers you can’t miss anything. The manner of speaking, the way of gesture, the appearance, the office environment, its furnishing, ... Do you want to give a better image [...]

Solid and modern interior glass doors

[09 May 2011]

Do you need to furnish your office? Have you found a new place for your business? Do you want to find a company specializing in glass furnishing that can surprise you? Vetroin, the company with a [...]

LCD glass with transparent and opaque effect

[02 May 2011]

In thousands of innovations brought by sophisticated technologies there is LCD glass that may find various applications. Most popular LCD glass can be seen in contemporary television, but not limited [...]

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