Office furniture planning with glass elements

[31 Oct 2011]

When it’s necessary to reorganize the space or renew the furniture in a working environment, office furniture planning plays a key role. When you have little or poorly exploited spaces, or on [...]

The sliding doors for office

[24 Oct 2011]

If we try to overview the changes in furnishing from the 50s to today, we will surely find many new features. The style, life and tastes have changed a lot due to industrial development and the [...]

The customized interior glass doors

[17 Oct 2011]

The furnishing of the workplace and housing is essential but it's not limited with insertion, though studied, of furniture and furniture details. Everything starts with coatings and entry systems. A [...]

Office partitions for dividing office spaces

[10 Oct 2011]

In an office workplace space is a basic requirement. There are always a lot of materials or products to be used, often there are even  more people in the room, so the opportunity to enjoy large [...]

Glass creations by Vetroin

[03 Oct 2011]

Generally, when it comes to furnishing, there’s a great variety of materials. Wood, glass, crystal glass, rubber, plastic, all of them are widely used to create furniture and accessories. Each [...]

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